Successful Interaction in the Attorney-Forensic Chemical Expert Dyad

Scientist Working with Microscope

How can attorneys and experts best support one another? “Dyad” is defined as ‘something that consists of two elements or parts’. The successful attorney- chemical expert “dyad” is, in my opinion, critically dependent on creating a trusting, workable, two-way communication.… Continue Reading

Water Quality Data in Environmental Litigation

Water Quality Data in Environmental Litigation

Water Quality Data in Environmental Litigation; When a case involves environmental chemistry (water, sediments, soils, rocks) or animals (population sizes, distributions, habitat relations) getting the statistical analyses of available data correct — and communicating them to the finders of fact… Continue Reading

Gunshot Residue Expert: Three Ways Particles May Land on Shooter

Gunshot Residue Expert Expert Witness

Gunshot Residue Expert Witness Gunshot residue (GSR) is a forensic science test on the hands and clothing of an individual to identify whether that person has discharged a firearm. Although, the dermal nitrate test is obsolete, science and technology are… Continue Reading

Automobile Accident Expert Witnesses: A Variety of Professionals Are Needed

Automobile Accident Expert Witnesses assist in crashes

Every year, the auto insurance and personal injury claims increase due to traffic automobile accidents. A statistical projection of traffic accidents indicates that the estimated number of people injured on the U.S. roads increased in 2015 from 2.34 to 2.44… Continue Reading

Settle vs Hassle: Mediation can help put a construction project back on track when it becomes adversarial

Construction by its very nature is adversarial. On a typical remodel anywhere in America, a homeowner enters into a contract with what are usually perfect strangers to rip up, demolish and then rebuild the single most personal and valuable asset… Continue Reading

Are Workers’ Compensation Experts Really Worth The Expense?

ne of the authors of this article is an industrial hygienist and safety professional who got his start working with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.With that background he has always been amazed at the arcane protocols involving Worker’s Compensation.… Continue Reading