The So-Called “Peer-Reviewed” Method on Expert Witness Literature

The peer-reviewed method has a particular importance since relevant articles written by experts are published after reviewed from other experts in the same field. This method makes expert’s testimony credible before the court as it insures the article’s quality; given… Continue Reading

Expert Witness Methodology & Principles the “Key” to Admissibility

In Daubert, the court underlines that admissibility should be based only on an examination of the expert’s principles and methodologies and not on the conclusions that they arrive. That is, whether those principles and methodologies can be challenged in some… Continue Reading

Daubert Challenges To Exclude Expert Witness Testimony

In most cases, attorneys may be able to successfully use Daubert challenges to exclude scientific expert witness testimony and testimony based on technical or other specialized knowledge as well.  In evaluating the reliability of an expert’s testimony, the Daubert court… Continue Reading