How a “Wise Guy” Aviation Expert Witness Can Help Win Your Case!

Expert Witness Aviation

By Aviation Captain Expert Witness 2541 How a “Wise Guy” Aviation Expert Witness Can Win Your Case!….. We all know wise guys; most are arrogant, pushy and a pain in the…. But the kind of wise guy I’m talking about… Continue Reading

Genetic counselors are the appropriate expert medical legal witnesses for medical malpractice cases involving genetic test results

Testing with Needle

By Genetic Counseling Expert Witness Genetic counseling or genetics counseling are misleading terms. How in the world can I provide counseling to your genes? I don’t; I provide counseling and medical information to people about their genes. My clients are… Continue Reading

Successful Interaction in the Attorney-Forensic Chemical Expert Dyad

Scientist Working with Microscope

How can attorneys and experts best support one another? “Dyad” is defined as ‘something that consists of two elements or parts’. The successful attorney- chemical expert “dyad” is, in my opinion, critically dependent on creating a trusting, workable, two-way communication.… Continue Reading

Water Quality Data in Environmental Litigation

Water Quality Data in Environmental Litigation

Water Quality Data in Environmental Litigation; When a case involves environmental chemistry (water, sediments, soils, rocks) or animals (population sizes, distributions, habitat relations) getting the statistical analyses of available data correct — and communicating them to the finders of fact… Continue Reading

The Myth of Invisible Wounds of War: A Primer on Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment

The Invisible Wounds of War

What Is Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment In listening to the radio and on TV very frequently there is referral to the problem of the invisible wounds of war and we keep hearing about the increased incidents of suicide in our vets.… Continue Reading