Introduction of an Equine Equestrian Expert Witness


I have worked in the racehorse industry for 25 years, starting in 1973. I received my first license at Hollywood Park, in that same year. I was one of the first women in the industry to receive a license. When I started women were rarely allowed into the barn area. Needless to say, those of us who braved the new frontier had to be twice as good as the boys to ever get a mount on anything, usually the ones the boys were afraid to ride. It was a bit rough for a good I0 years. I prevailed, and in so doing I have earned the respect of the most renowned people in the industry. Including the trainers I have worked for and jockeys I have helped to get a mount to the winner’s circle. I know people from California to New York to Kentucky to Florida. I was also recently invited to the Jockey’s Guild Convention in Las Vegas; I know the regional managers across the states.

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I also have ridden some of the most famous horses of our time, as per my resume.


I also have ridden some of the most famous horses of our time, as per my resume. I feel I can be an asset to your business, because I know a large portion of people in the industry and have their respect. I am also experienced in public relations. I am a good representative and spokesperson. I currently work in the Pair-Mutual Department; I am still involved in the business even though I no longer ride.

I feel that with my verifiable past experience and my strong personal skills I make an outstanding and credible witness to the inner workings of the horse racing industry.

Written by Equine Equestrian Expert Witness


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