Refine Your Expert Witness Search With Our Unique Multi-State Map


Consolidated Consultants announces new Multi-State Expert Witness Search Feature

In an effort to best serve our clients needs and address the ever-limiting rules that courts are imposing on the use of expert witnesses, Consolidated Consultants is launching our multi-state selection feature for expert witness searches.

This feature allows the attorney to select specific states to target their search according to both geographic preference or to accommodate specific court rules. Consolidated Consultants has long had the ability to refine the searches by region; however, we have found that the ability to select specific states helps the attorney find the expert who best meets their needs and conforms to the rules of court necessary in certain circumstances.

[Selectable State Seach To Help You Find The Right Expert]

For example, in Tennessee medical expert witnesses must be from Tennessee or a contiguous state, meaning they must come from one of the eight states that share a physical border with Tennessee. Regional searches in our extensive database can make a search for the right expert a daunting task, especially considering the states involved in this search fall across two different regions. This feature, allowing the user to select each of the surrounding states, will help streamline the search to help find just the right expert that complies with the rules of court.

Consolidated Consultants, or CCc, is an international referral service for both the expert witness and medical expert fields. We have thousands of expert witnesses, as well as medical experts, in our directory. Many attorneys use us again and again to fulfill their expert witness needs.

CCc was founded in 1995 and has experienced exponential growth with our number of expert witnesses and medical expert witnesses. We take great pride in our successful referrals of forensic experts to attorneys.

The free referral advantage is as good as it sounds. When a lawyer needs an expert witness or medical expert witness. We discuss and qualify the need with the attorney, research matches in our directory, send the attorney fee schedules and CVs for those matching expert witnesses or medical expert witnesses and facilitate an initial conference call between the two parties – all for free!

If the attorney is interested in retaining the expert witness or medical expert witness for their case, we send them our agreement to sign and return with the expert witness’ required retainer and, once we receive these two items, both parties are notified that direct contact and work can begin on the case.

[Expert Witness Referral Service]

The Internet remains a powerful tool for us. Our web site is updated consistently, as well as our expert witness directory and medical expert directory. In addition to our main site, we also maintain a growing number of additional websites so that you can easily search through our database for Fire Industry Expert Witnesses,Engineering Experts, Finance Experts and Advanced Practice Medical Experts. The goal remains to maximize the ease of use and speed of response for our clients.

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