A Banker’s Guide to Effectively Managing and Marketing Foreclosed Real Estate Properties

New Home Under Construction

  When a bank’s level of non-performing loans and foreclosed assets increases to the point that the bank’s costs and expenses exceed its revenues, the resulting deficit erodes the bank’s net worth and reduces stockholders’ equity.  Depending upon the particular… Continue Reading

Real Estate Development and Commercial Real Estate Expertise

In today’s world, the issues of some lawsuits are not so simple anymore. Master planned communities, multifaceted commercial developments, residential developments, and creative financing programs are just some of the issues that may require more than one expert witness to assist… Continue Reading

A Primer on the Valuation of Intellectual Property, Intellectual Capital, and Intangible Assets

The most common types of Intellectual Property, Intellectual Capital, and Intangible Assets that need valuation are: Patents – Single patents or groups of patents that refer to a common technology. Software. Trademarks – This includes recognizable logos, brand names, etc.… Continue Reading

Fraud and Litigation Involving Real Estate Closings, Closing Protection Letters, and Title Insurance Industry Standard Practices and Procedures

In the mortgage origination frenzy of the last few years, many problems occurred in the closing of loans that never should have been closed. The mortgage banking and mortgage lending industries rely upon the expertise of title insurance companies to… Continue Reading